Reconnect in the Burren

Enjoy the ultimate recharge in the tranquility of the Burren. We’ve all been busy looking after and protecting our nearest and dearest now it’s time to open the door again but take your time there is no rush step by step we will get there. It’s time to look after “you”. With this in mind we are collaborating with Siobhan Sloane Yoga to bring to you some safe space and time to recharge, reconnect with friends and even regroup yourself. It has been a very strange time for everyone, we can’t run on empty…. Take your opportunity to emerse yourself in wellness in the Burren.

On Saturday July 18th from 11am until 4pm we are hosting the ultimate recharge including yoga at tranquil Lough Bunny Lake, forest bathing in our native alluvial woodlands a wholesome picnic at poignant Shantaghphubble Chapel and hike the limestone pavement of the Burren. We will be commencing at 11am and finish at approximately 4pm tickets are available on eventbrite :

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