Wellness In Nature Series

The Wellness in Nature days involved a hike through our 500 acre family farm, through the alluvial woodland where we took time to connect with nature and find stillness with forest-bathing.  We shared our knowledge of farming practices that contribute to the beauty of the Burren and knowledge of the rare orchids, wildflowers and edible plants that call this unique place home. We made our way to the limestone shores of tranquil Lough Bunny for some yoga stretches and a dip in the water to rejuvenate the soul.
We hiked the pavement to very poignant Shantaghphubble Chapel and had a scrumptious wholesome picnic nestled between Lough Bunny lake and the Burren Mountains to appreciate the beautiful Irish landscape and reconnect with nature.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who joined Siobhán and Brónagh (and Cathal!) on our very first Wellness in Nature day at Burren Farm Experience we are so glad everyone really enjoyed, we’ve had great feedback, everyone seemed to have a different highlight. Whether it was sitting quietly on the soft moss in the hazel woodland, the dip in Lough Bunny, resting on the limestone pavement, the tasty picnic or realising that we had hiked 10km over the day!
We’d love to see you at our next Wellness in Nature Series which takes place Saturday 12 September, 
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Forest Bathing

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